Module 1: Lesson 1

Students will be given an emergency scenario in which they need to determine which items are necessary for survival on board Aquarius. As aquanauts, students will learn the logistics of living underwater as well as the basic necessities.

Lesson Plan

Essential Question: What does an aquanaut need to survive at Aquarius Reef Base?

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Discuss what it would be like to live in an underwater habitat
  • Understand the dangers and implications of living underwater
  • Describe what materials are needed to survive in an underwater habitat

Standards: Next Generation Science Standards - Engineering Design - MS-ETS1-1

Common Core Standards: Speaking & Listening - SL.6.1; SL.6.3; SL.7.1; SL.7.3; SL.8.1; SL.8.3