Expeditions: Discover Real Research

Our subscription-based curriculum engages students and educators in real-world science and scholarship through activity-based lessons and unique experiences.

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Expedition Ocean

Explore Aquarius Reef Base and the rest of FIU's undersea science. Learn core concepts and see them in action through real-world research.

Dive In 

Expedition Biscayne Bay

Discover our researchers' work on the Biscayne Bay Campus and the South Florida coast, addressing environmental issues with global stakes.

Visit the Bay 

What's in an Expedition?

Standards-aligned activities based on real-world research, with training videos to walk teachers through how to use them in the classroom.

Student-geared content including career connections, research behind the scenes, and opportunities to tailor lessons for advanced learners or those who need a bit more help. Sections like “Why does it matter to me?” and “Did You Know” connect key concepts to everyday life.

Lesson plans with background information, presentation materials, activity answer sheets and instructions.

Curated supplemental resources to enhance the learning experience in the classroom or at home.


The Mission Inspire toolbox contains assessments for teachers and students.

Students answer midyear and end-of-year standardized test-type questions to evaluate value changes. These questions can also be used as an in-classroom quiz activity.

Teachers give feedback on the Mission Inspire curriculum, helping to identify learning needs, reinforce useful aspects and suggest changes.

Information from students and teachers is used for future development and will be considered during refresh periods for existing content.

Create Connections

Ready for more? We offer many ways to engage with our research.

Interactive STEAM Programs

Standards-aligned programs create a more immersive experience for your students and enhance the learning outcomes of Mission Inspire.

Camp Create

Our professional development camp guides educators in making curricula that connect students with real university research.


Free activities and resources connect learners everywhere with experts from the nation's fourth-largest public research university.